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4 area residents got together in the middle of 2018 to discuss issues in and around our neighbourhood. Each of us had our own concerns and it was in our discussions that we concluded that there was no Association that we could turn to get information on issues that concerned us and our properties. We decided at that time that the Danforth was ready for an Association. It was fortuitous, as our area has been engulfed into a larger perimeter and we need to ensure that our neighbourhood is supported and we have a voice.
Danforth Residents’ Association is a volunteer, non-profit group of area residents interested in protecting and furthering the best interests of our neighbourhood by creating a well-informed community. Our purpose is to provide residents information on safety, planning and development issues in the interest of maintaining and improving the livability of our neighbourhood for all residents, while helping to support our vibrant community.
Public Safety  |  Planning  &  Development  | Transportation | Environmental Issues

Four Founding Members:

Heather de Veber

Ted Hanlan

Rupen Seoni

Roula Panagiotopoulos – President/Chair

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