#Danforth Strong 1 Year Later

For our community this was a tragedy that still haunts many to this day. Sunday, July 21 marks the day that 2 lives were taken.

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July 21, 2019

The City of Toronto will commemorate one year since the tragedy on the Danforth, honouring the lives of the 2 individuals who died and the 13 who were injured at that time. A public ceremony will commence at 1:30 PM at the northeast corner of Withrow Park (McConnell Ave. and Carlaw Ave.). The ceremony will include a recitation of the names as well as a Moment of Silence.

July 21, 2019

Danforth Strong Run  Let’s keep the momentum going and remind the city that Danforth is a community who sticks together. Let’s run!

Meet at Coxwell & Danforth 9pm

July 22, 2019

At sunset (8.51 pm) in Alexander the Great Parkette (Logan and Danforth) a Community Vigil will be held.

July 28, 2019

Julianna Despina Kozis JDK Foundation

The JDK, or “Just Do Kindness” Foundation has been created to honour shooting victim Julianna Kozis’s memory and positive spirit.

The foundation will kick off with an event at Fincham Park in Markham on July 28, from noon to 6 p.m. It will feature family-friendly activities such as jumping castles, live music, and crafts, as well as food trucks


Connect with us if you have a Danforth event.

Danforth Community Sale – June 22

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The Danforth Community Sale in support of #DanforthStrong is just three weeks away (June 22, from 8am to 3pm).

MORE INFO: www.danforthcommunitysale.com

You can participate in three ways: REGISTER (subject to boundaries), SHOP (plan your route using our interactive map) or DONATE (at https://www.gofundme.com/danforth-community-sale). Regardless, please spread the word by liking and sharing the FB page: https://www.facebook.com/danforthcommunitysale.

Also, we have extended the giveaway – everyone who registers as a seller by June 5th will be automatically entered to win family passes (4 tickets valued at $100) to the Thrill of the Grill.

What are you waiting for!!!!

Transit Town Hall on Tuesday, March 26th


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From Paula

Dear Friends,

I have heard from many of you with concerns about the Ford government taking over Toronto’s subway system.

I am hosting a Transit Town Hall on Tuesday, March 26th from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at St. David’s Anglican Church (49 Donlands Ave, across from Donlands Station).

This will be a great opportunity for you to share your thoughts and also get an update from TTC Riders and MPP Peter Tabuns.

As well, the City’s Executive Committee will be considering a request for the City to take a more pro-active approach on this issue this week. You can read more about this request for a public information campaign online here.

Our subway, buses and streetcars are all an integrated network. There is a real risk having part of that network being split off and owned by someone else. This would make the issues we currently have even worse.

The TTC’s major problem is lack of funding. It is one of the worst funded major transit systems in North America. If the Ford government wants to help, they could simply offer to help share more of the financial burden. The provincial government used to match the City of Toronto’s annual subsidy of the TTC’s day-to-day operations, but that was ended under the Mike Harris government.

Many have asked if this will lead to privatizing our subway system. Others have pointed out that Metrolinx, the provincial transit agency, does not have a great track record and point to all the problems with PRESTO cards. There are many questions and concerns being raised.

Please share this with your friends and family. I look forward to hearing from you and getting your feedback.

Working for you,

Paula Fletcher
City Councillor
Ward 14, Toronto-Danforth

West Danforth area residents form new association c/o East York Chronicle

\ By Valerie Maltais \


Four active Danforth residents have come together to form a new resident’s association that covers the area between Jackman Avenue to the west, Pape Avenue to the east and between Mortimer Avenue extending south to the Danforth.

The four founding members, Heather DeVeber, Ted Hanlan, Rupen Seoni and Roula Panagiotopoulos, say they had specific concerns about the community and some of the development that has taken place or been proposed and realized that there was no association that represents the interests of the residents within this boundary.

The Danforth Residents’ Association was officially recognized by the City of Toronto at the end of June 2018.  The association is “interested in protecting and furthering the best interests of our neighbourhood by creating a well-informed community,” its website states.

DRA organizers Heather DeVeber, Ted Hanlan, Roula Panagiotopoulos and Rupen Seoni . -COURTESY

Ms. Panagiotopoulos, the President and Chair of the association, said in an interview that its mission was developed based on “issues that unite us all,” in particular public safety, responsible development, transportation and environmental issues.

Panagiotopoulos made it clear that the association’s objective is not to oppose development but to ensure that the area develops in a way that respects the community.  Its goal is to provide important updates and information about such issues and to ensure that the community’s needs and concerns are considered by policy makers.

The relief line that is planned at Pape Avenue will ensure that this area, which is already a destination strip with a vibrant stretch of cafés, restaurants, bars, and retail spaces, sees changes.  The association regards that as generally positive for the community, she said, but has some concerns about the anticipated increase in density and the additional visitors that the area will experience as a result of this significant public transportation investment.

One specific concern about the influx of people is in regards to crime.  With the violent shooting that occurred over the summer and the petty crime that the area is currently seeing, the association wants to work increase public safety.  The details of how they would achieve this are still to be determined.

Asked about the group’s position on bike lanes, Panagiotopoulos indicated that a discussion will take place and that no stance has yet been formed on the city-wide push to increase safe cycling options.  The area on the Danforth that the association represents is a major corridor in the City of Toronto Cycling Network Plan.

The organization is planning its inaugural meeting early in 2019.  They hope to gain the support of the local politicians, Ward 14 Councillor Paula Fletcher and Member of Parliament, Julie Dabrusin.

For her part Ms. Dabrusin commented in a telephone interview that “it is always a great thing to see community advocacy” and that as part of the federal government’s review of a nation-wide consultation on a handgun ban, she will work with the group by keeping them informed and including them in the formal consultation process.

“I look forward to understanding what their specific needs are,” she said.

Ms. Fletcher did not return a call requesting an interview.

The group also plans on consulting with the Toronto Police Services and the local Business Improvement Association to advance their agenda, Panagiotopoulos said.

The Association’s near-term objective is to increase membership, the group president added.  It is a not-for profit organization and there is currently no fee to join.

You can find more information on the association by visiting their website: www.danforthresidentsassociation.com.

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